eCos and eCosPro User Guide

Table of Contents
I. Introduction
1. Key Features
2. eCos Overview
3. Licensing
eCosPro Licence Overview
eCos Licence Overview
Previous eCos License
Documentation License
4. Notation and Conventions
GDB and GCC Command Notation
Directory and File System Conventions
Version Conventions
5. Documentation Roadmap
II. Programming With eCos
6. Programming With eCos
The Development Process
7. Configuring and Building eCos from Source
eCos Start-up Configurations
Configuration Tool on Windows and Linux Quick Start
Ecosconfig on Windows and Linux Quick Start
8. Running an eCos Test Case
Using the Configuration Tool
Using the command line
Testing Filters
9. Building and Running Sample Applications
eCos Hello World
A Sample Program with Two Threads
10. More Features — Clocks and Alarm Handlers
A Sample Program with Alarms
III. The eCos Configuration Tool
11. Getting Started
Environment Variables
Invoking the eCos Configuration Tool
Profiles and the Component Repository
eCos Configuration Tool Documents
12. Getting Help
Context-sensitive Help for Dialogs
Context-sensitive Help for Other Windows
Context-sensitive Help for Configuration Items
Methods of Displaying HTML Help
13. Customization
Window Placement
14. Screen Layout
Configuration Window
15. The Configuration
Adding and Removing Packages
Switching Targets, Repositories and Versions
Platform Selection
Using Templates
Configuration Information
16. Searching
17. Building
Selecting Build Tools
Selecting Host Tools
18. Execution
Executables Tab
Output Tab
Summary Tab
19. Creating a Shell
20. Keyboard Accelerators
21. Checking for updates
IV. eCos Programming Concepts and Techniques
22. CDL Concepts
About this chapter
Component Repository
Component Definition Language
Configuration Items
23. The Component Repository and Working Directories
Component Repository
Build Tree
Install Tree
Application Build Tree
24. Compiler and Linker Options
Compiling a C Application
Compiling a C++ Application
25. Debugging Techniques
V. Configuration and the Package Repository
26. Manual Configuration
Directory Tree Structure
Creating the Build Tree
Conflicts and constraints
Building the System
Coarse-grained Configuration
Fine-grained Configuration
Editing an eCos Savefile
Editing the Sources
Modifying the Memory Layout
27. Managing the Package Repository
Package Installation
Package Structure
VI. Fixes and Patches
28. Applying a patch
Pre-process patchfile
Applying a patch
29. Problems applying a patch
Cannot find file
Hunk succeeded
Malformed patch
Reversed patch
VII. Appendixes and Index
A. Target Setup
B. Real-time characterization
C. GNU General Public License
Documentation license for this page: Open Publication License