Chapter 12. Getting Help

The eCos Configuration Tool contains several methods for accessing online help.

Context-sensitive Help for Dialogs

Most dialogs displayed by the eCos Configuration Tool are supplied with context- sensitive help. You can then get help relating to any control within the current dialog box by

  • Right-clicking the control (or pressing F1)

    A “What’s This?” popup menu will be displayed. Click the menu to display a brief description of the function of the selected control.

  • Clicking the question mark icon in the dialog caption bar (Windows) or the question mark button on the dialog (Linux).

    A question mark cursor will be displayed. Click on any control to display a brief description of its function.

Some dialogs may have a Help button. You can press this to display a more general description of the function of the dialog box as a whole. This help will be in HTML form; for more information, see below.

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