Chapter 3. Licensing

eCosPro Licence Overview

The eCosPro License applies to elements of eCosCentric's intellectual property within a distribution. Depending on the particular release this may cover various files within the HAL, device drivers, documentation and other components. All these files are clearly marked with a reference to the eCosPro license in their headers. Key requirements of the license are:

  • When you make any eCos source code publicly available you MUST ensure that it contains NO eCosPro licensed source files.

  • Although not specifically an eCosPro license issue, you MUST also ensure that you do not redistribute any eCosCentric proprietary applications or information. This includes eCosPro installers and your licensee file.

The full eCosPro License is available online at

When shipping a product with eCos or eCosPro, developers and OEMs are encouraged to read the eCosPro Software Licenses Compliance Guide which provides a set of guidelines to follow when releasing products that incorporate software from an eCosPro release. It does not claim to be authoritative, it is still your responsibility to read, understand and comply with the various licenses that apply to different portions of the runtime source code.

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