Destination Location

The next step of the installation process is to select where you wish to install all of the eCosPro Developer's Kit. This includes not only the eCosPro source code, but also the eCosPro Host tools, GNU Toolchains and Eclipse. The default location for Linux is /opt/ecospro and for Windows is C:\eCosPro. These locations are not where you are expected to build eCosPro and develop your application from, but are simply where the eCosPro source code and host binary executables required for building eCosPro and its applications are to be located. These locations must be accessible by all developers that share the host machine and who wish to use the eCosPro Developer's Kit.

Figure 4-6. Choose Destination Location Screen

If you wish to install the eCosPro Developer's Kit in a different location, press the BROWSE button illustrated in Figure 4-6 and a pop-up window will appear allowing you to browse to, or create, a new folder into which the kit will be installed.

Once you have selected a destination folder, press the Next button.


Do not select an alternative location that contains spaces within any part of the path or the folder name. Spaces cause issues with the GNU Tools, in particular GNU make which uses spaces as separators and is used to build eCosPro and its applications.

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