Chapter 5. After installation

Upon the successful installation of the eCosPro Developer's Kit, a new menu group should appear in your desktop menu. The exact menu layout will vary according to your host operating system and distribution. The example menu layout of various operating systems is illustrated in the figures below.

The menu items are:

Configuration Tool

Start up the eCos Configuration Tool, using the default target, preferred toolchain and host tools specified for this release.


Start up the Eclipse Development Environment, using the default target, preferred toolchain and host tools specified for this release.

Shell Environment

Open a new window giving a command line shell environment that has been set up to use the eCosPro repository specific to this release, as well as the preferred toolchain and host tools placed at the head of the command search PATH. On Linux, this is achieved through a shell script that opens the user's default shell in one of the following terminal windows, in order of preference: gnome-terminal, konsole, xterm. On Windows, the default shell CMD is opened.

Readme Notes

Any release-specific notes or issues are listed in this simple text document. These notes will have been displayed by the installer immediately after installation, but are also preserved here for future reference.

eCosPro Documentation

This provides a link to the main index page for all the documentation included with the release. The documentation is provided primarily in HTML format so may be read by any modern web browser, but in most cases is also available in PDF format, so may also be read using a PDF viewer such as AcroRead, Acrobat, Document Viewer, etc.

Request Support

This item will open a browser at the eCosCentric bugzilla website to enable you to file a new advice or support request. You can also search the bugzilla database for existing issue reports as well as track your support submission.

eCosCentric on the Web

This is a link to eCosCentric's main web site to allow you easy access to updated information regarding eCosPro products, the most up-to-date public documentation, eCosCentric support pages, and so on.

Note: If you have a custom or confidential platform eCosPro port, documentation specific to your hardware is not publicly available and will only be found within your installation. In addition, the online documentation may also describe features (API's, libraries, packages etc) that are not part of your release.

Uninstall eCosPro (Linux only)

This option allows you to remove eCosPro components from your system. See Chapter 9.

Figure 5-1. eCosPro Menu Group on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS under GNOME

Figure 5-2. eCosPro Menu Group on openSUSE 11.3 under KDE

Figure 5-3. eCosPro Menu Group on Windows XP

Figure 5-4. eCosPro Menu Group on Windows 7

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