Chapter 7. Upgrading eCosPro and Components

eCosPro and its components may be upgraded individually as required and as updates become available.

Upgrading eCosPro

When upgrading eCosPro, the new version is installed alongside the old version which is not automatically uninstalled. Instead a new eCosPro profile is simply added to your host system allowing you to choose between different versions of eCosPro. This is similar to having multiple installations of eCosPro for different architectures or platforms. On completion of an upgrade you will see an additional menu folder, such as those shown in Chapter 5, with menu items specific to the upgrade release just as each multiple eCosPro installation is specific to an architecture or platform. To upgrade eCosPro, simply run the setup.exe Install Launcher or script as normal and follow the normal installation instructions provided in Chapter 3 and Chapter 4. To remove the older version of eCosPro, follow the instructions provided in Chapter 9.

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