Chapter 9. Uninstalling

In order to uninstall eCosPro and it's components, uninstall the eCosPro <target> installation first (e.g. eCosPro cobra5329 3.1.15). This will remove the menu group and items for the eCosPro target installation and give you the option of uninstalling dependent eCosPro components such as Eclipse and the eCosPro GNU Tools if there are no other eCosPro target installations dependent on these components.

The uninstaller only removes unmodified files and directories that were unpacked during the installation process. Any files or directories that have been modified following installation, or added into the install location at any time, will remain in place following the uninstallation. The installer achieves this by tracking all the files it installed and unpacked using a hidden file located in the top-level install directory. If this file is deleted, renamed or corrupted in any way, the uninstallation may fail.


If you attempt to uninstall any eCosPro component which is still in use, you will receive a message warning you of this dependancy. If this warning is ignored the component will be removed and any dependent eCosPro <target> installation will be broken as a result. The automated uninstallation of the eCosPro <target> may also be broken. Therefore, the removal of such components should only be attempted by advanced eCosPro Developer's Kit users who are aware of the consequences and how to repair the installation manually.

Uninstalling the eCosPro Developer's Kit on Windows

All eCosPro components may be uninstalled through the standard Programs and Features mechanism illustrated in Figure 9-1 or the Add or Remove Programs mechanism, illustrated in Figure 9-2. When you uninstall an eCosPro <target> release you may also be given the option to automatically uninstall the GNU Toolchain, eCosPro Host Tools or Eclipse installations on which the release is dependent if these components only have this eCosPro <target> release as a dependant. See Figure 9-5 for an example.

Note: If components are uninstalled along with an eCosPro <target> release, the Add or Remove Programs or Programs and Features window may still list those components as being installed when the uninstallation has completed. A refresh <F5> of the Window will correctly update the list of installed programs.

Figure 9-1. Programs and Features on Windows 7

Figure 9-2. Add or Remove Programs on Windows XP

In addition, at the top-level of each directory for each installed component is an executable which, when executed, will uninstall that particular component.

Figure 9-3. Example list of uninstallers for Windows-based OSes

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