Chapter 11. Installation Troubleshooting

Licensee File not recognised

The most common problem during the installation process is when a license file has not been recognised. These files are normally emailed to the licensor as an attachment and must be extracted from the email and stored on the local filesystem of the machine on which the eCosPro Developer's Kit is to be installed. This file will not be recognised if it is modified in any way. If you do encounter this problem, please first try and extract the file from the email to a different location, or use a different method of extracting the file if one is available to you. For example, if your mail is accessed from a central server using a protocol like IMAP, try and use a different machine or email client.

If you get this error, the installer will warn the user that the file provided is not a valid licensee file, as illustrated in Figure 11-1. The installation can be aborted by selecting NO, or an alternative license file provided by selecting YES. If the problem persists, please contact eCosCentric.

Figure 11-1. Licensee File Not Recognised Screen

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