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eCosPro NTP

NTP (Network Time Protocol) added to eCosPro
eCosCentric adds NTP support to eCosPro and delivers high precision advanced clock management to provide unified time services.

eCosCentric news
Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer

eCos RTOS used in Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer
The final mission of the Space Shuttle Endeavour transports the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer to the International Space Station. eCos is used for control of the experiment's main DAQ computers.

eCos news

eCosPro for microMIPS
MIPS Technologies and eCosCentric announced that eCosCentric has ported its eCosPro RTOS to the microMIPS instruction set architecture, running on the MIPS32 M14K and M14Kc cores.

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eCosPro v3.1
eCosCentric announces a significant update to the eCosPro Developer's Kit. The new 3.1 release focuses on upgrading and enhancing the cross development environment, tools and range of supported hosts.

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eCosCentric announces the availablity of eCosPro-SecureSockets, a port of the widely used OpenSSL toolkit, adapted for deeply embedded applications using eCos, based on OpenSSL v1.0.0a.

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Blue Water Embedded

eCosCentric and Blue Water Embedded announce the availability of eCosPro-Prism, a certified port of the Prism Runtime Framework graphical user interface development tools.

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eCosPro for TI OMAP-L138
eCosCentric announces availability of eCosPro for the Texas Instruments' (TI) Zoom OMAP-L138 eXperimenter Kit and comprehensive driver support.

eCosCentric news

NAND library and Yaffs for eCos
eCosCentric announces availability of its own NAND library, and in partnership with Aleph One, the Yaffs NAND file system.

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Operating Systems Book

Award Winning Prentice Hall OS textbook features eCos
Operating Systems: Internals and Design Principles computer science textbook covers eCos as an example of one of the most widely used embedded operating systems. Winner of the 2009 Textbook Excellence Award from the Text and Academic Authors Association. eCosCentric's CTO Nick Garnett provided technical review of the eCos material in the book.

General eCos news
EG3 Keynote Interview

EG3 interview eCosCentric's Chairman
In a wide ranging interview with EG3, eCosCentric's Chairman covers topics including comparison of eCos with other RTOS, eCos vs Linux, the benefits of free software and more.

eCosCentric news

eCosPro for the Cortex-M3
eCosCentric announces the availability of an architectural port of the eCosPro real-time operating system to the ARM Cortex-M3 processor.

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eXtremeDB Bundled with eCosPro
eCosCentric is extending ARM9 versions of the eCosPro® Developer's Kit to to include a royalty-free version of McObject's eXtremeDB small-footprint in-memory embedded database system.

eCosCentric news

eCosPro for Altera Nios II processor
Altera and eCosCentric announce the availability of eCosPro® for Altera's Nios® II embedded processor, the world's most widely used configurable soft-core processor. Altera Nios II customers now have access to a complete eCosPro solution consisting of the run-time system, complementary host tools and certified third party applications. eCosCentric will also develop, maintain, and make available to Altera customers its eCosPro Starter and Developers Kits for the Nios II processor.

eCosCentric news
Programmin g Embedded Systems

New O'Reilly book features eCos
The second edition of Programming Embedded Systems, by Michael Barr and Anthony Massa, covers embedded software design & techniques using the eCos RTOS as the basis for many of its examples. "The first edition of Programming Embedded Systems taught the subject to tens of thousands of people and is now considered the bible of embedded programming. [...] the new second edition is sure to help a new generation of programmers develop the skills they need to achieve proficiency with embedded software".

General eCos news

eCosCentric recommends Ashling Opella
"Before recommending any debug hardware eCosCentric thoroughly evaluates it for use with the eCosPro® Developer's Kit. We pay close attention to its overall functionality, robustness, quality, and integration with eCosPro's Eclipse-based IDE and command line debuggers. The evaluation process enables us to identify high quality hardware debug solutions and helps to ensure positive user experiences for our customers".

eCosCentric news

eCosPro for Freescale MCF5213 ColdFire microcontroller
eCosCentric announce the availability of eCosPro for the Freescale Semiconductor MCF5213 ColdFire® microcontroller. Evaluation boards will be distributed with an eCosPro Starter Kit allowing end-users to rapidly evaluate eCos and begin building applications based upon it. The MCF5213 ColdFire microcontroller is a single chip solution containing 256KiB flash, 32KiB RAM and peripherals.

eCosCentric news

eCosPro for NXP Nexperia PNX8330 and eCosPro-MMFS
eCosCentric announce the availability of eCosPro® for NXP Nexperia STB220 set-top box reference solution and introduce eCosPro-MMFS, the high performance Multimedia Filesystem. Platforms will be distributed with an eCosPro Starter Kit allowing end-users to rapidly evaluate eCos and begin building applications based upon it, targeting high-end personal video recorders and dual-view set-top boxes.

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eCosCentric add eXtremeDB for eCosPro
eCosCentric and McObject announce business partnership in which McObject has ported its eXtremeDB in-memory embedded database to the eCosPro Developer's Kit. eCosCentric will also resell eXtremeDB. eXtremeDB provides critical data management features, including transactions, concurrent access, high availability and a high-level data definition language.

eCosCentric news

eCosPro selected for Philips Nexperia PNX83xx
eCosCentric announced that eCosPro® has been selected by Philips as the real-time operating system for their next generation Nexperia PNX83xx semiconductor solutions. Reference platforms will be distributed with an eCosPro Starter Kit allowing end-users to rapidly evaluate eCos and begin building applications based upon it.

eCosCentric news
LinuxDevices Survey

Adoption of eCos RTOS shows sustained growth
The LinuxDevices 2006 embedded survey points to a continued increase in open source operating system adoption, whilst proprietary OS's decline. The survey reveals that eCos usage has grown to nearly 5%, up from 3.2% in the previous years survey. This upward trend is also reflected in the findings of CMP's 2006 embedded market survey which reports a usage of 6%, up from just over 4% in the 2005 survey.

General eCos news

eCosCentric adds CAN driver support to eCosPro
eCosCentric announced the addition of CAN driver support for eCosPro®. The eCosPro-CAN package initially targets the Philips Semiconductors SJA1000, on-chip CAN controllers found in Philips Semiconductors' popular LPC2000 ARM7 family and FlexCAN modules found in Freescale Semiconductor's range of ColdFire and PowerPC processors.

eCosCentric news
Linux Magazine 82

eCos, un RTOS adaptatif
eCos signifie Embedded Configurable Operating System. Ce RTOS a développé Cygnus Solutions dès 1997. Avec le rachat de cette société, RedHat devient alors le propriétaire du systéme en 1999, un an après la sortie de la première version.

General eCos news

eCosCentric add Jungo USB stacks to eCosPro
eCosCentric and Jungo announced availability of eCosCentric-certified ports of Jungo's Embedded USB Software Stacks to eCosCentric's range of eCosPro Developer's Kits. Jungo's On-The-Go, Host and Device stacks are compliant with the USB 2.0 & 1.1 standards, providing high quality, mature, and fully-featured implementations of the Universal Serial Bus standard protocols and device classes.

eCosCentric news
RTOS Survey

eCos enters the worldwide RTOS top ten
According to CMP's Embedded Systems Programming magazine's 2005 embedded operating systems survey eCos is now firmly entrenched as one of the top ten embedded operating systems by market share. eCos's uptake has now grown to over 4% of the global embedded operating systems market. A result reinforcing an earlier survey from Linux Devices

General eCos news

eCosPro Starter Kit for ST40RA series
eCosCentric announced availability of the eCosPro Starter Kit for distribution with the STMicroelectronics ST40RA evaluation boards. The eCosPro Starter Kit is a commercial grade distribution of the eCos RTOS, including a GNU-based toolchain, eCos configuration tools and certified RedBoot binaries, allowing all ST40RA customers to rapidly evaluate eCosPro.

eCosCentric news

eCosPro Developer's Kit for KwikByte KB9202
eCosCentric announces the availability of the eCosPro Developer's Kit for the recently launched KwikByte KB9202 evaluation board. The KB9202 is based on Atmel's popular AT91RM9200 microcontroller - a cost-effective single chip solution integrating an ARM9 core with a range of peripherals including Ethernet, UARTs, two-wire (I2C™) interface, memory controllers and timers

eCosCentric news
Barnwell House

eCosCentric on the move
eCosCentric have now moved into new offices near to the Cambridge Airport. Please note changed address, phone and fax details.

eCosCentric news

eCosCentric contributes I2C infrastructure
The generic I2C bus infrastructure from eCosCentric's eCosPro® product line has been included in the public eCos project. Support for the I2C bus ("two-wire interface") was created as part of eCosCentric's ongoing development programme. The package includes an abstraction layer drivers for dedicated hardware and a generic bit-banging mode, as well as full documentation and CDL.

eCosCentric news

Altera demonstrates FPGA for video-over-IP running eCos
Altera has announced what it claims to be industry's first FPGA-based, video-over-IP reference design. The Altera reference design includes a hardware engine for performing user datagram protocol (UDP) and optional real-time transport protocol (RTP) encapsulation of the video data, thus allowing full Gigabit line rate to be achieved. The design also includes the Nios II processor and driver software for the industry-standard BSD IP stack running under the eCos real time operating system (RTOS).

General eCos news
Eyelike Camera
Eyelike Camera

Sinar's 33 Megapixel medium format camera back based on eCos
Sinar, Jenoptik's digital camera divison, have announced the eMotion range of medium format digital camera backs. Capable of up to 33 megapixels at 48bit colour, the backs are targetted at discerning professional photographers who demand the highest resolution and colour fidelity. The back is compatible with Hasselblad and Mamiya camera systems.

General eCos news

eCosCentric's new look website launched
eCosCentric have completely revised the look, navigation, and content of this website. We hope you find the site's new design appealing.

eCosCentric news

eCosPro certified port of CEE-J Java VM
eCosCentric and Skelmir LLC announce the availability of a certified port of the CEE-J Virtual Machine to eCosCentric's range of eCosPro Developer's Kits. CEE-J is a clean room, low-footprint virtual machine incorporating optimised graphics support for hosting a variety of Java&trad; applications including MHP, OCAP, OSGi, IP Middleware and browsers.

eCosCentric news
Vipa Speed7 PLC

World's fastest PLC runs eCos
VIPA have announced their eCos based Speed7 range of Programmable Logic Controllers. The Speed7 incorporates Profibus, CAN, MPI, ethernet and MMC card technologies. Programmable with STEP7 from Siemens, the Speed7 can execute 100k instruction in 2 ms.

General eCos news
Swell SW

eCosCentric and Swell Software announce the availability of eCosPro-C/PEG, a certified port of C/PEG (Portable Embedded GUI for C) to eCosCentric's range of eCosPro Developer's Kits and custom eCosPro releases. C/PEG is a portable, feature rich, small footprint GUI that is widely adopted within the embedded space and is an ideal match for the eCos real-time operating system.

eCosCentric news
Japanese Book

Japanese eCos Book published
A Japanese translation of Anthony Massa's original "Embedded Software Development with eCos" has been published in Japan. The book was translated by Masaru Yamanaka, a Japanese associate of the original eCos engineering team.

General eCos news
SD Times

Real-Time Classics Prove They're Timeless
Going strictly by trade publications and press releases, one would think that the entire embedded systems market has been taken over by Linux, Windows, Java and other non-traditional embedded operating systems. When Red Hat Inc. acquired Cygnus Solutions, one of the pieces that came along in the deal was the eCos operating system. The design of eCos started in 1997 with the aim to build operating systems that would complement the GNUPro tools that Cygnus marketed. eCos was designed to be small, configurable and flexible. The business model was based on an open-source license with support provided by Cygnus. Its modular architecture and inexpensive licensing

General eCos news

LayGO Protocol Exchange Server uses eCos and RedBoot
Advanced Relay Corporation has begun shipping the LayGO Protocol Exchange Server (PXS) which uses RedBoot and eCos. The PXS is a networking device based on the Samsumg S3C4530A (ARM7TDMI) designed to convert synchronous communication protocols such as HDLC LAPB and X.25 into TCP/IP data streams.

General eCos news
Personal Securer ">

GPS/GSM based Personal Security device runs on eCos
The Personal Securer is a personal security device that can send a continual stream of location updates via SMS, provide immediate two-way audio communications to two different numbers, and a panic button that sounds a hooter and sends your precise location via SMS to a predefined number. When connected to a PC via USB it can function as a GPS receiver and a GPRS modem. The device is fully customizable to the needs of individual network operators.

General eCos news
IEE Debate

eCosCentric engages in IEE sponsored debate with Microsoft, MontaVista, Green Hills and Accelerated Technology
eCosCentric Limited, the eCos and RedBoot experts, will be participating in a moderated panel discussion, sponsored by The Institution of Electrical Engineers at the upcoming Embedded Systems Show. eCosCentric will join representatives from vendors Microsoft, MontaVista Software, Green Hills Software and Accelerated Technology to consider "How much is an RTOS worth?".

eCosCentric news

eCosCentric announces C++ support for eCosPro
The industry standard C++ run-time library GNU libstdc++ v3 has been integrated with eCosPro Developer's Kits. Initially targeting ARM & PowerPC architectures, the eCosPro C++ support package conforms to the ISO 14882 Standard C++ library specification.

eCosCentric news

eCosCentric contributes generic SPI bus infrastructure from eCosPro
eCosCentric Limited, the eCos and RedBoot experts, today announced the contribution of a generic SPI bus infrastructure from their eCosPro® product line for inclusion within the public eCos project. Support for the Serial Peripheral Interface bus has been designed into eCosPro for a number of custom board ports that eCosCentric has been contracted to support. A range of external peripherals are typically used in conjunction with SPI, such as removable MultiMediaCards, real time clocks, analogue to digital converters and EEPROMs.

eCosCentric news

eCos and RedBoot support gumstick-sized SBC
eCosCentric Limited, the eCos and RedBoot experts, today announced their partnership with SSV Embedded Systems to deliver an eCosPro®. Starter Kit for the DIL/NetPC DNP/5280 embedded controller board. The eCosPro Starter Kit contains an eCosPro industrial-strength release of the eCos real-time operating system alongside certified RedBoot firmware, eCos configuration tools, and GNU compilation tools.

eCosCentric news

eCosCentric launches public eCos and RedBoot training course
eCosCentric today announced its public eCos and RedBoot training course. This course provides a comprehensive grounding in eCos, RedBoot and associated development tools. It is suitable for all embedded software engineers with a basic knowledge of the C programming language. The initial course will be held in Cambridge, April 19-22, 2004.

eCosCentric news

Red Hat assign eCos copyright to FSF
eCosCentric warmly congratulates Red Hat on their stated intent to assign the copyrights they hold in the eCos code base to the Free Software Foundation (FSF). Paul Beskeen, Chairman of eCosCentric, commented "We view this as a positive move that will benefit the entire eCos developer community."

eCosCentric news

eCosCentric contributes SH4-202 MicroDev support
eCosCentric, the eCos and RedBoot experts, today contributed eCos and RedBoot support for the SuperH SH4-202 MicroDev platform to the public eCos repository for the benefit of the eCos community. This platform port is the first development arising from the partnership between eCosCentric and SuperH announced earlier this year.

eCosCentric news

Pentek to offer eCos on PowerPC G4
Pentek is the first vendor to offer eCos on the Motorola G4 PowerPC processor. The initial target is Pentek's Model 4205 I/O Processor VME board with on-board Gigabit Ethernet.

General eCos news

H8/300H and H8S eCos Support stabilized
eCosCentric today publically released stable support for the H8/300H and H8S processors, providing Yoshinori Sato's original port along with a few in-house updates and fixes, in the eCos CVS repository. This support includes patches to the GNU toolchain to fix various problems that previously made a stable version of eCos for the H8/300H and H8S impossible.

eCosCentric news
SD Times

eCos Is Stable and Ready to Deploy
"The main value we're providing is a stable eCos release," said Alex Schuilenburg, CEO of eCosCentric Ltd., speaking of the eCosPro Developer's Kit, released in early September. The kit bundles the latest eCos POSIX-compliant kernel and RedBoot boot loader, prebuilt tools for Linux or Windows hosts, a new PPP stack, installer and technical support. An Eclipse-based IDE is planned for November.

eCosCentric news

eCosCentric announces eCosPro® Developer's Kit
eCosCentric Limited, the eCos and RedBoot experts, today announced the release of the eCosPro® Developer's Kit for a number of hardware platforms. eCosPro® is a stable, fully tested, certified and supported version of eCos and RedBoot. It includes a PPP stack add-on for the standard eCos TCP/IP package.

eCosCentric news
Rio Karma

Rio reveals eCos-based 20GB Ogg Vorbis network music player
The $399 Rio Karma is a 20GB HDD-based player with eCos as the underlying RTOS. Its built-in Li-ion battery provides 15 hours of play time. Like the iPod, it ships with a docking cradle, which serves as the PC connection point and battery charger. Unlike the iPod, the Karma connects to its host via an Ethernet connection and offers Ogg Vorbis support. Users can create playlists on the fly, crossfade from one song to another, and adjust the output using a five-band equaliser.

General eCos news

eCosCentric Partners with SuperH
eCosCentric Limited, the eCos and RedBoot experts, today announced their partnership with SuperH Inc to deliver the eCos real-time operating system and RedBoot boot firmware on SuperH RISC CPU cores. The partnership will extend the existing eCos coverage of SuperH embedded development boards to include the SH-4 MicroDev Platform, enabling a wide range of developers to evaluate eCos and the SH-4 RISC CPU family for their latest embedded designs more readily.

eCosCentric news

eCos flies in Space
eCos is flying in space as the OS for Canada's Smallest Satellite: The Canadian Advanced Nanospace eXperiment (CanX-1) and Denmarks DTUSat, two of the flock of 1kg pico-satellites launched on 1 July 2003 by a Russian rocket.

General eCos news

Atmel's mAgic Complex Domain DSP Soft Core Delivers 1.0 GFLOPS At 100 MHz - eCos & RedBoot driven
Atmel(R) Corporation today introduced mAgic, the world's first complex domain, extended precision very long instruction word (VLIW) DSP core for SoC implementation. The mAgic core provides single-cycle execution of complex arithmetic operations, such as FFT butterflies and vector2 arithmetic. Complex arithmetic is used to execute differential calculations and adaptive beam forming algorithms that are used in high-quality hands free audio conferencing, physical modeling of musical instruments and the inner ear, spectrum analysis, audio encoding/decoding, missile guidance control, auto collision avoidance and radar applications. These applications typically require GFLOPS-plus throughput.

General eCos news

"Video-centric SoC" runs eCos
Equator Technologies unveiled its latest "video-centric" system-on-chip processor this week at the Embedded Processor Forum in San Jose, CA. The 500MHz BSP-16 increases performance and reduces system cost, Equator said. Applications for the new chip are expected to include consumer video appliances, multi-function DVD player/recorder devices, video security and surveillance systems, and video conferencing systems.

General eCos news

eCos 2.0 Development CDROM
The eCos 2.0 Development CDROM is now available for purchase from eCosCentric.

eCosCentric news

eCosCentric delivers eCos 2.0
eCosCentric today announced the release of eCos 2.0, the latest version of the eCos real-time operating system. This is a fully-featured release of the world's premier royalty-free open source RTOS. It delivers a stable code base for the deployment of eCos across a broad range of embedded systems.

eCosCentric news

GameBoy Owners Will Surf The Web
GameBoy Advance owners with the longing to get connected now have a new option: a Bluetooth module that will allow them to be connected to the Internet. Inside the module is an eCos embedded kernel and web browser, which together take up about 375 Kbits of storage. The browser can store the last 255 pages the user sees before it needs to overwrite the oldest page with new data, Kramer said.

General eCos news
SD Times

eCos 2.0 Breaks Out of Red Hat Red Tape
Free of the shackles imposed by Red Hat Inc., maintainers of the open-source eCos real-time operating system said in mid-March that version 2.0, now in beta, could be generally available around April 15. The new version will add an all-new bootloader with remote debugging and full POSIX compliance, giving it the ability to run many Linux and Unix applications with just a recompile.

eCosCentric news
COTS Journal

The eCos RTOS - An Open Source Alternative
Step aside Linux, another open source alternative is better for embedded systems. It excels at configuration and resource management, and is more portable for design reuse. Even better, it's a COTS alternative that's less costly in the long run.

General eCos news
Linux Devices

eCos 2.0 beta includes RedBoot update, POSIX API, and much more
eCosCentric Ltd. announced the release of eCos 2.0 Beta, the latest version of the eCos real-time operating system. According to the announcement, the 2.0 beta is a "substantial release, which reinforces eCos as the premier royalty-free open source RTOS.".

General eCos news
Electronics Talk

RISC core puts GSM/GPRS/GPS module in control
The F35-XXL-SI is a smart GSM/GPRS/GPS embedded OEM module that combines the advantages of a standardised module with those of an open platform, bringing together the best of both worlds. The system software package comprises eCos as a fully featured real-time operating system, RedBoot debug and bootstrap monitor, C libraries (standard GNU-Tools), device drivers (serial, Flash, I/O ports, I2C, RTC, watchdog), Comm-Lib for GPS/ALARM demo application, GPS/Alarm demo application as open source, TCP/IP and PPP stack.

General eCos news

eCosCentric announces eCos 2.0 Beta
eCosCentric today announced the release of eCos 2.0 Beta, the latest version of the eCos real-time operating system. This is a substantial release which reinforces eCos as the premier royalty-free open source RTOS.

eCosCentric news

eCos 2.0 Beta Development CDROM
eCosCentric announced that they will produce a eCos 2.0 Beta Development CDROM to assist new eCos and RedBoot users and developers. The CDROM will contain an installer, the full eCos and RedBoot 2.0 Beta release, full eCos documentation in HTML format, as well as for the first time a complete set of pre-compiled Linux and Windows tools with sources for all the major architectures that eCos and RedBoot support.

eCosCentric news
eCos Maintainers Thumbnail

eCos Architect Nick Garnett delivered a presentation on eCos and RedBoot to FOSDEM 2003's "Embedded Track" audience. The presentation is available online. After the presentation, an open eCos meeting was informally held. Participants were invited to ask questions, provide feedback and generally discuss their experiences with eCos and RedBoot. The eCos maintainers also used the opportunity to get together and discuss a variety of eCos related issues over dinner.

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