eCosPro Developer's Kit

eCosPro Developer's Kits combine the stability, feature set, and quality of support required for commercial embedded application development with eCos.

  • Rigorously tested and quality assured, eCosPro provides a stable and reliable base for your application. A comprehensive automated test infrastructure typically runs over 21,000 tests for each supported target platform in a release. This typically takes over two weeks of runtime to process within the test farm.
  • All the necessary elements for eCos application development are included in the Developer's Kit: Eclipse-based IDE, GNU compiler toolset and utilities, GUI based eCos configuration tool, RedBoot debug and bootstrap firmware, and the eCos RTOS. The standard features of eCos are further extended with a number of exclusive eCosPro tools and runtime features.
  • Most importantly, support is included as standard, acting as a safeguard against any problems you might encounter, answering your questions and helping to keep your project on track. This includes both incident (bug fixes) and advice-line (usage questions) support services for eCosPro.

Exclusive and Upgraded eCosPro Developer's Kit Features:

  • Graphical installer simplifies and speeds installation on your development systems
  • Windows development hosts: Windows 7 x86 and Windows 7 x64
  • Linux development hosts: Ubuntu LTS 10.x 32bit and 64bit, Fedora 13, openSUSE Linux 13.1 and RHEL 4.8.
  • A comprehensive set of hosted development tools: Eclipse-based IDE, GNU toolchain and eCos utilities
  • Customized Eclipse-based IDE supports eCos project creation wizard, system configuration and application development
  • The GNU toolchain includes C/C++ compiler, assembler, debugger, linker and utilities
  • A range of commercial hardware debug solutions are supported by eCosPro's GDB command line and IDE-based debuggers (target platform dependent)
  • Prebuilt RedBoot debug and bootstrap firmware binaries (most target platforms)
  • Memory allocation analysis and debugging tool
  • Profiling and code coverage tools (profiling timer support on selected platforms only)
  • Standard C++ (ISO 14822 conformant) and extended math libraries
  • lwIP alternative small footprint networking stack and reduced footprint Ethernet drivers (selected platforms only)
  • Robust Boot Loader (RBL) package for in-field software upgrades
  • FlashSafe API for high-reliability data logging to NOR flash
  • Objloader based runtime loading, relocation and linking of object files
  • JFFS2 Journalling Flash File System for NOR flash
  • YAFFS journalling file system for NAND flash
  • DOS-compatible FAT filesystem with support for FAT12/16/32, long filenames, internationalization, removable media, and multi-threaded access (selected platforms only)
  • All target platforms include version 2 flash drivers - enabling support of multiple concurrent NOR flash device types
  • Extended device support includes Ethernet, RS232, watchdog, wallclock (RTC), I2C, SPI, PCI, IDE, ADC, GPIO, framebuffer, NOR flash, NAND flash, dataflash, CF, MMC, SD/SDHC (target platform dependent)
  • Support for many microprocessors and target platforms that are not available in the public release (see below)
  • Expanded, reorganized and reformatted eCos documentation set, with eCosPro feature and target platform additions

Also available is an expanding range of eCosCentric and third party middleware, fully tested and certified for use with eCosPro.

The eCosPro Developer's Kits support a wide range of architectures, processor variants and development boards. Architectural support includes:

Cortex-A5 Cortex-A9 Cortex-M3 Cortex-M4 Cortex-M7 ARM7 ARM9 XScale
ColdFire H8 MIPS Nios II PowerPC SuperH Tile-Gx V850 x86(IA32)

A detailed list of the architectures, processors, development boards and hardware features supported by eCosPro is available here.

A concise description of eCosPro is available in datasheet (PDF) format. Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding eCosPro.

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