eCosPro Developer's Kit


eCosPro Developer's Kits combine the stability, feature set, and quality of support required for commercial embedded application development with eCos.

Exclusive and Upgraded eCosPro Developer's Kit Features:

Also available is an expanding range of eCosCentric and third party middleware, fully tested and certified for use with eCosPro. The Kit includes evaluation copies of Host and Device USB stacks, mDNS, CAN, MMFS and YAFFS middleware.

The eCosPro Developer's Kits support a wide range of architectures, processor variants and development boards. Architectural support includes:

■ Cortex-A5 ■ Cortex-A9 ■ Cortex-M3 ■ Cortex-M4
■ Cortex-M7 ■ ARM7 ■ ARM9 ■ XScale
■ ColdFire ■ MIPS ■ Nios II ■ PowerPC
■ SuperH ■ Tile-Gx ■ V850 ■ x86 (IA32)

A detailed list of the architectures, processors, development boards and hardware features supported by eCosPro is available here.

A concise description of eCosPro is available in datasheet (PDF) format. Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding eCosPro.