RedBoot Editing Commands

RedBoot uses the following line editing commands.

NOTE: In this description, ^A means the character formed by typing the letter “A” while holding down the control key.

  • Delete (0x7F) or Backspace (0x08) erases the character to the left of the cursor.

  • ^A or HOME moves the cursor (insertion point) to the beginning of the line.

  • ^K erases all characters on the line from the cursor to the end.

  • ^E or END positions the cursor to the end of the line.

  • ^D or DELETE erases the character under the cursor.

  • ^F or RIGHT-ARROW moves the cursor one character to the right.

  • ^B or LEFT-ARROW moves the cursor one character to the left.

  • ^P or UP-ARROW replaces the current line by a previous line from the history buffer. A small number of lines can be kept as history. Using ^P (and ^N), the current line can be replaced by any one of the previously typed lines.

  • ^N or DOWN-ARROW replaces the current line by the next line from the history buffer.

In the case of the fconfig command, additional editing commands are possible. As data are entered for this command, the current/previous value will be displayed and the cursor placed at the end of that data. The user may use the editing keys (above) to move around in the data to modify it as appropriate. Additionally, when certain characters are entered at the end of the current value, i.e. entered separately, certain behavior is elicited.

  • ^ (caret) switch to editing the previous item in the fconfig list. If fconfig edits item A, followed by item B, pressing ^ when changing item B, allows you to change item A. This is similar to the up arrow. Note: ^P and ^N do not have the same meaning while editing fconfig data and should not be used.

  • . (period) stop editing any further items. This does not change the current item.

  • Return leaves the value for this item unchanged. Currently it is not possible to step through the value for the start-up script; it must always be retyped.

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