Chapter 195. Updating RedBoot


RedBoot normally resides in an EPROM or, more common these days, internal flash on the CPU or external flash on the board. In the case of EPROM, updating RedBoot normally necessitates physically removing the part and reprogramming a new RedBoot image into it using prommer hardware. In the remaining cases, it is often possible to update RedBoot in situ using a hardware debugger or even Redboot's flash management commands. Occasionally vendor specific software tools such as ATMEL's SAM-BA In-system Programmer may also be required.

The process of updating RedBoot in situ is documented in this section. For this process, it is assumed that the target is connected to a host system and that there is a serial or TCPIP connection giving access to the RedBoot CLI. For platforms with a ROMRAM mode RedBoot, skip to the Section called Update the primary RedBoot flash image.

Note: The addresses and sizes included in the below are examples only, and will differ from those you will see. This is normal and should not cause concern.

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