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  Latest eCosPro Features  

Windows 7 32 & 64bit host tools

Linux 32 & 64bit host tools for Ubuntu, openSUSE & Fedora

Eclipse Juno SR2 IDE, gcc v4.7.3

lwIP lightweight networking stack v1.4

NTP client. Time handling Unix Y2038 and NTP Y2036 era rollover safe

(individual releases may not include all elements or versions listed above)

  Latest Middleware  

Native USB Host & Device stacks

Zeroconf/Bonjour networking

Secure sockets toolkit
v1.0.1o (includes heartbleed, all security advisory fixes to June 2015 and optimised routines for selected architectures)

  Latest CPU & Board Support  

ST STM32429i-EVAL and STM32F429IDISCOVERY boards
(Cortex-M4, STM32F429/439)

Freescale Kinetis TWR-K60F120M
(Cortex-M4, K60)

Atmel SAM4E-EK
(Cortex-M4, SAM4E)

Atmel SAMA5D31-EK
(Cortex-A5, SAMA5D3)

Freescale IMX25PDK
(ARM9, i.MX25)

Tilera TILE-Gx
(TILE-Gx Processor Family)

Altera Cyclone V SoC Dev Kit
(Cortex-A9, Cyclone V HPS)


eCos is one of the fastest growing real-time operating systems (RTOS) in the embedded marketplace and the most widely adopted open source RTOS.

eCosCentric couples high quality commercial products and engineering services with the open source virtues and engineering excellence of eCos - providing an RTOS that is dependable, technically advanced, and truly open. eCos's royalty and license fee free nature also helps to ensure a price performance lead over competing RTOS solutions.

eCosPro® industrial strength eCos RTOS distribution

eCosPro delivers the stability, feature set, and support necessary for commercial embedded application development with eCos.

  • Rigorously tested and quality assured, eCosPro provides a stable and reliable base for your application. A comprehensive automated test infrastructure typically runs over 21,000 tests for each supported platform in a release.

  • The eCosPro distribution includes everything necessary for development of embedded applications: Eclipse based IDE, GNU compiler toolset and utilities, GUI based configuration tool, RedBoot bootloader/debug agent and the eCos RTOS, complete with full source code.

  • A number of exclusive tools, runtime features and ports are included with eCosPro that extend the base feature set of eCos. Also available is an expanding range of eCosCentric and third party middleware, fully tested and certified for use with eCosPro.

  • Most importantly, support is included as standard, answering any questions you may have, safeguarding against any problems you might encounter, helping to keep your project on track.

eCosCentric Services

eCosCentric was founded by the team that created eCos, and are the acknowledged experts in all aspects of the system. A range of eCos-focused services are on offer including consulting, training, support, porting and custom engineering. When it comes to eCos, you can trust eCosCentric to deliver whatever assistance you may need.

Latest News Google+
eCosCentric Hiring

eCosCentric are Hiring!
We are looking for a Senior Embedded Software Engineer to join the team. Think you have what it takes? See the job description. [more]

eCosPro STM32F7 Cortex-M7

STM32F7 Cortex-M7 added to eCosPro
eCosCentric adds STM32 F7 platform to eCosPro, delivering first architectural port for the ARM® Cortex®-M7 core. [more]


Integrated USB Device stack added to eCosPro
eCosCentric introduces a USB device stack for eCosPro, tightly integrated with the eCos IO and IPv6 networking layers. Provides network and serial connectivity, complementing host stack capability. [more]

Eclipse Juno

Eclipse Juno support added with eCosPro plugin
eCosCentric add support for the Eclipse Juno release, providing eCosPro developers access to the new features and improved workflow. [more]


Integrated USB Host stack added to eCosPro
eCosCentric introduces a USB host stack for eCosPro, tightly integrated with the eCos file system layer. Provides for mass storage and hubs devices with hot-swap capability. [more]


Bonjour conformant Zeroconf networking added to eCosPro
eCosCentric brings the simplicity of Zeroconf networking to eCosPro, allowing dynamic device management and service discovery. [more]


Russian satellite uses eCos-based control system
The Chibis-M satellite launched from the International Space Station is on a multi-year mission to study upper atmosphere electrical phenomena such as sprites and jets. [more]


eCosPro's lwIP stack upgraded to IPv6 capable v1.4 release
The lightweight IP networking stack integrated with eCosPro has been updated to v1.4, adding new features, performance and reliability improvements over the previous release. [more]

eCosPro NTP

NTP (Network Time Protocol) added to eCosPro
eCosCentric adds NTP support to eCosPro and delivers high precision advanced clock management to provide unified time services. [more]

Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer

eCos RTOS used in Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer
Final mission of the Space Shuttle Endeavour transports Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer to the International Space Station. eCos is used in the experiment's main DAQ computers. [more]


eCosPro for microMIPS
MIPS Technologies and eCosCentric announced that eCosCentric has ported its eCosPro RTOS to the microMIPS instruction set architecture, running on the MIPS32 M14K and M14Kc cores. [more]


eCosPro v3.1
eCosCentric announces a significant update to the eCosPro Developer's Kit. The new 3.1 release focuses on upgrading and enhancing the cross development environment, tools and range of supported hosts. [more]


eCosCentric announces the availablity of eCosPro-SecureSockets, a port of the widely used OpenSSL toolkit, adapted for deeply embedded applications using eCos, based on OpenSSL v1.0.0a. [more]


eCosPro for TI OMAP-L138
eCosCentric announces availability of eCosPro for the Texas Instruments' (TI) Zoom OMAP-L138 eXperimenter Kit and comprehensive driver support. [more]


NAND library and YAFFS for eCos
eCosCentric announces availability of its own NAND library, and in partnership with Aleph One, the YAFFS NAND file system. [more]


eCosPro for the Cortex-M3
eCosCentric announces the availability of an architectural port of the eCosPro real-time operating system to the ARM Cortex-M3 processor. [more]

EG3 Keynote Interview

EG3 interview eCosCentric's Chairman
In a wide ranging interview with EG3, eCosCentric's Chairman covers topics including comparison of eCos with other RTOS, eCos vs Linux, the benefits of free software and more. [more]


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