NAND configuration commands

Table of Contents
nconfig list -- List configuration keys
nconfig info -- Query metadata for one or more config keys
nconfig types -- List all known config data types
nconfig get -- Outputs the current value of one or more config keys
nconfig put -- Writes a config key
nconfig del -- Deletes a config key
nconfig dump -- Diagnostic dump output

Note: This section does not cover configuration items managed by RedBoot; for those, use the fconfig command instead (the Section called Persistent State Flash-based Configuration and Control).

The config store is the backing store for this persistent information. Data is stored as (key, value) pairs; values are typed. This section refers only to the RedBoot commands for manipulating the config store.

Note: The config key ecos.fakeflash.config contains the RedBoot configuration information as managed by the fconfig command. Do not edit this key directly; it is automatically managed by RedBoot and the driver stack.

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