If you are considering using eCos in a project or have already chosen eCos and are in need of some advice or support, eCosCentric is the foremost authority on eCos and RedBoot development, with experience of all facets of eCos and RedBoot across all the main CPU architectures.

The many years of experience in the eCosCentric team enable eCosCentric to provide professional consulting services for all forms of embedded product software development. Our engineers have helped companies bring a wide variety of embedded products to market through their experience and expertise.

eCosCentric offers a wide range of consulting services, from on-site advice, support and troubleshooting through to training, development and report writing. We can facilitate shorter product development cycles and provide cost-effective solutions for both embedded product development and the products themselves. We work with you to get your product right, and on time.

For more information on how we can help you, please contact us.

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