eCosPro Starter Kit for the Altera Nios II

Altera Nios II eCosPro

Congratulations, your purchase of the Altera Nios II Development Kit - either the Stratix® II FPGA Edition or the Cyclone® II FPGA Edition, entitles you to a free copy of eCosCentric's eCosPro Starter Kit. The Starter Kit includes all the necessary tools, runtime code and documentation you need to develop royalty and license fee free embedded applications running on Altera's Nios II core.

Getting Started

To get started you must first register for the eCosPro Starter Kit by completing the online registration form. Your registered email address will then be used to send download instructions and a licensee file. The licensee file is used to unlock and install the downloaded Starter Kit for your use. Installation instructions are provided in the README.html file located in the root directory of the download. If you have any problems registering or downloading contact eCosCentric. Please note that no installation or other support is provided with the Starter Kit. If you require support see the Support and Upgrades section below.

Nios II eCosPro Starter Kit Contents

eCosPro Host Development Tools

eCosPro Runtime Features

These are full versions of the tools and RTOS, they have not been restricted in either functionality or execution time. Complete source code is provided for all components. For in-depth technical details, please view the online eCosPro Nios II documentation.

Support and Upgrades

Your free copy of the eCosPro Starter Kit is provided "as-is" with no warranty or support. For commercial support and additional features, consider upgrading to a full eCosPro Developer's Kit. The Nios II eCosPro Developer's Kit upgrade includes the following features:

Support Services

Additional Functionality

eCosPro functionality can also be further expanded with a range of optional middleware packages.

eCosCentric also offer a comprehensive range of services focused on supporting eCosPro based product development. These include training, consultancy, and custom engineering services.

Purchasing and Further Information

To purchase the eCosPro Developer's Kit upgrade, or to request further information about our products or services, please contact us.