eCosPro Starter Kit for the Freescale M5213EVB

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Congratulations, your purchase of the Freescale M5213EVB evaluation board includes a free copy of eCosCentric's eCosPro Starter Kit. The Kit includes all the necessary tools, runtime code and documentation you need to develop royalty and license fee free embedded applications for Freescale's MCF5213 ColdFire microcontroller.

Getting Started

To get started you must first register your copy of the eCosPro Starter Kit by completing the online registration form. You will then receive a licensee file to unlock and begin using the Kit. The Kit is held on a CD-ROM that you should have received with your evaluation board. Details of how to install the Kit are provided by the README.html file located in the root directory of the CD-ROM. If your CD-ROM is missing or faulty please register first and then contact eCosCentric for a replacement.

M5213EVB eCosPro Starter Kit Contents

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eCosPro host development tools

eCosPro runtime features

These are full versions of the tools and RTOS, they have not been restricted in either functionality or execution time. Complete source code is provided for all components. For in-depth technical details, please view the eCosPro online documentation for the ColdFire MCF512x series and M5213EVB evaluation board port.

Support and Upgrades

Your free copy of the eCosPro Starter Kit is provided "as-is" with no warranty or support. For commercial support, consider upgrading to a full eCosPro Developer's Kit. The upgraded kit includes both Incident and Advice Line support services. The Incident support service ensures that any software defects your team identify are dealt with swiftly and effectively. This includes the generation of suitable code patches where appropriate. The Advice Line service puts your engineers directly in touch with our experts for specialist advice on any eCos related topic. The service provides confidential answers within a guaranteed response period.

Another major feature of the upgrade is the inclusion of a graphical Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on the award winning Eclipse IDE that helps streamline and simplify eCos application development. eCosCentric also offer a wide range of certified middleware components for eCosPro. These include USB host, device and OTG stacks, PEG+ and C/PEG GUI libraries, eXtremeDB in-memory embedded database, OS Changer application porting aid, and CEE-J JVM. Of particular interest for the MCF5213 ColdFire are the eCosPro-CAN CAN device driver and CANopen middleware library support for the onboard FlexCAN device.

eCosCentric also offer a range of services focused on supporting eCosPro based product development. These include training, consultancy, and custom engineering services.

Further Information

Please contact us regarding any commercial questions that you may have, or for a detailed discussion of how our products and services can best support your requirements.