Linux and Windows Environment Variables

To simplify and provide generic instructions for rebuilding RedBoot, use of the TARGET and REDBOOT_CFG environment variables are made. Their use in rebuilding RedBoot is not required and users are free to replace their use with appropriate values in the instructions provided.

The instructions provided in this section are for a Linux shell environment but are applicable to a Windows CMD environment as well. The only differences between these two environments is the use of environment variables and the different format of directory paths. Therefore where you see the following use of the REDBOOT_CFG environment variable:

$ export REDBOOT_CFG=redboot_RAM
use the following command within Windows CMD:
C:\users\demo> set REDBOOT_CFG=redboot_RAM
and where you see ${REDBOOT_CFG} replace this with %REDBOOT_CFG% in Windows CMD

The same applies for the ${TARGET} environment variable.

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