Chapter 175. API

The main mDNS API provides a serialisation layer between the low-level (lwIP) networking based operations and client application threads.


Table of Contents
cyg_mdns_init -- Initialise mDNS Responder
cyg_mdns_terminate -- Terminate mDNS Responder
cyg_mdns_enable -- Enable mDNS
cyg_mdns_disable -- Disable mDNS
cyg_mdns_service_register -- Register set of services
cyg_mdns_service_unregister -- Remove registered services
cyg_mdns_sethostname -- Set base hostname
cyg_mdns_hostname_callback_register -- Register hostname generation callback
cyg_mdns_gethostname -- Get current hostname value
cyg_mdns_setservicelabel -- Set service label
cyg_mdns_getservicelabel -- Get current service label value
cyg_mdns_servicelabel_callback_register -- Register service label generation callback
cyg_mdns_hinfo_register -- Register HINFO record data
cyg_mdns_discovery_callback_register -- Register DNS-SD response callback
cyg_mdns_discovery_callback_unregister -- Unregister DNS-SD response callback
cyg_mdns_discovery_callback_flags -- Read/Modify DNS-SD response callback control flags
cyg_mdns_discovery_query -- Issue a DNS-SD query
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