The eCos PPP stack is based on FreeBSD source code and is designed to be used in conjunction with the existing FreeBSD TCP/IP stack. It offers the following features:

Downloading and installation

The PPP stack is provided as an eCos package distribution file suitable for use with eCos 2.0. To download the file, click on the following link:

In addition to the PPP Support package, the package distribution file also contains updated versions of the FreeBSD Stack package, the I/O sub-system package and the Serial Device Drivers package. The updated versions of all these packages are required for correct operation of the PPP stack.

To install the new packages using the eCos Configuration Tool, use the Tools->Adminstration menu item to open the Administration dialog box. Click on the Add... button, navigate to the location where you downloaded ppp- and open it. Note that there should not be any spaces in the filepath to ppp-

Developers who prefer to use a command line interface can install the PPP stack from a bash shell as follows:

Following installation, HTML documentation for the PPP stack will be located at /opt/ecos/ecos-2.0/packages/net/ppp/v2_0_0_1/doc/html/ppp.html.

Configuring eCos to use the PPP stack

To configure eCos using the eCos Configuration Tool, it is first necessary to select the net template. Use the Build->Templates menu item to open the Templates dialog box. Select the packages template named net and then select version v2_0_0_1 before dismissing the dialog box using OK. The PPP package can now be added to the configuration by using the Build->Packages menu item to open the Packages dialog box. Scroll down the list of available packages and double click on the PPP Support package to add it to the configuration.

Alternatively, eCos may be configured from a bash prompt using the ecosconfig host tool as follows: