Cheque Payments

Cheque Payments

Payment can only be accepted by cheque by pre-arrangement. Please note an administration charge must be added for remittance by cheque - this is to cover the excessive costs incurred when we present a cheque to our bank. The cost vary depending on the base currency of the Invoice, as follows:

GBP (Sterling) £90
EUR (Euro) €150
USD (Dollar) $200

Cheques are only accepted in UK pounds sterling, Euros or US dollars.

Cheques should be made payable to eCosCentric Limited and sent to:

The Maltings, High Street
Burwell, Cambridge
CB25 0HB
United Kingdom

Environmental costs of cheques

We would also kindly ask you to consider the environmental impact of sending us payment by cheque. In order for a cheque to be safely sent from you to us, it requires paper, packaging, courier and/or delivery services. Even sourcing paper from renewable sources (for the cheques, envelopes and their packaging) still requires considerable energy to manufacture and then transport to your site. Once a cheque arrives with us we then have to fill in multiple forms and have these transported to our bank, who use more energy to process and archive them, finally clearing the payment with the originating bank electronically.

Electronic fund transfer (Wire or Bank transfer) is our preferred method of payment, being faster, more secure and very importantly auditable - sadly postal services do regularly incur losses and delays, which ultimately impact on the services and products that we are able to offer our clients.