eCos and RedBoot public training course

eCosCentric offers a public eCos training course on a periodic basis. This course provides a comprehensive grounding in eCos, RedBoot and associated development tools. It is suitable for all embedded software engineers with a basic knowledge of the C programming language. No previous experience with eCos is assumed. The next public training course will be held in the historic city of Cambridge in the United Kingdom:

    Dates:April 19-22, 2004
    Venue:Churchill College, Cambridge
    Fees:UK £1,250.00 (excluding VAT*)
    Academic and group discounts are available

Course outline:

  • Introduction to eCos
    rationale, history, features, tools, licensing, RedBoot
  • Configurability
    CDL concepts, conflicts, inference, templates
  • Building applications
    eCos repository, build and install trees, compiler switches, Eclipse IDE
  • Configuration tools
    configuration tasks, memory layout, running tests, package administration
  • RedBoot
    features, compilation, installation
  • eCos debugging support
    symbols, optimisation, assertions, tracing, diagnostics
  • Debugging tools
    GDB, stepping, breakpoints, inspecting state, Eclipse IDE
  • Kernel overview
    scheduler choice, synchronisation, timing, interrupts, exceptions
  • Kernel C API
    startup, main(), data types, thread manipulation, counters, alarms, clocks, semaphores, mutexes, condition variables, memory pools, event flags, message boxes
  • Other eCos packages
    hardware packages, non-hardware packages, TCP/IP networking, POSIX compatibility
  • Package authoring
    rationale, repository layout, naming conventions, package versioning, package database, CDL scripts, distribution

Hands-on laboratory sessions:

  • Use of the graphical and command-line eCos host tools
  • Use of the GNU build and debugging tools
  • Download and execution of eCos application code on embedded hardware
  • Use of the TCP/IP networking stack
  • Generation of a new eCos package

The course runs from 09:30 to 17:00 daily. Course fees include lunch and refreshments for the duration of the course. Accommodation is not provided. eCosCentric can recommend the Arundel House Hotel which is located within walking distance (map) of Churchill College and the historic city centre. Please refer to the Tourism Cambridge website for other accommodation options. Early reservation of your accommodation is recommended as Cambridge is a popular tourist destination throughout the year.

For further information, or to make a course reservation, please contact us.

*Value Added Tax is chargeable on all course fees at the UK rate of 17.5%.
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