Switching Targets, Repositories and Versions

To migrate an eCos configuration to a different target, version of eCosPro, or repository, the following steps should be followed:

  • Export the existing configuration to an .ecm file.

  • Confirm the target and template set in the existing configuration using the Repository Information dialog illustrated in Figure 15-7. Help->Repository Information (Ctrl+I)

  • If applicable, switch to the new version, repository or profile using the file menu: Build->Profile (Alt+P).

  • Create a new configuration by selecting the new target (if applicable) and template, selecting same template as the original configuration File->New Target (Alt+N) illustrated in Figure 7-3.

    Set the hardware template and the packages template to the originals determined above.To select a hardware template, choose from the first drop-list. To choose a packages template, choose from the second. Brief descriptions of each kind of template are provided in the corresponding edit boxes.

  • Import the original configuration from the exported .ecm file create in the first step above.

  • Resolve conflicts, if any.

  • Save the configuation.

  • While it remains possible to switch targets within a configuration using the command line tool ecosconfig, users are advised against this as inferred changes within common hardware packages to both the targets are not reset or re-inferred unless a conflict arises as a result of the switch. This may result in unexpected or unintended consequences. For example, while a template may contain the SPI package, this package may be disabled through inference as a result of the initial target hardware lacking an SPI device. However, when switching to a processor variant with more cells, such as one that includes an SPI device, the SPI package could remain disabled when the configuration is switched to the more superior variant (unless of course it is marked as required by the CDL which would result in a conflict and so would be re-enabled). While this is perfectly legimate behavior (e.g. SPI support could be disabled on a superior variant if it were not required by the CDL), users are advised to use the method above when switching targets.

  • The same method described above may be used to switch an existing target, template and custom configuration to a new version, profile or repository.

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