Cirrus Logic ARM CL-PS7111 Evaluation Board Hardware Setup

The implementation of the port of eCos to the Cirrus Logic ARM CL-PS7111 Evaluation Board (also known as EB7111) is based on the EP7211 Development Board port.

For that reason, the setup required is identical to the EP7211 Development Board as described above, with the following exceptions:

  • The Cygmon ROM monitor is not supported

  • The ARM Multi-ICE is not supported

  • Pre-built GDB stubs are provided in the directory loaders/arm-eb7111 relative to the root of your eCos installation

  • If rebuilding the GDB stub ROM image, change the "Cirrus Logic processor variant" option (CYGHWR_HAL_ARM_EDB7XXX_VARIANT) from the EP7211 to the CL_PS7111. This can be selected in the eCos Configuration Tool , or if using ecosconfig, can be set by uncommenting the user_value property of this option in ecos.ecc and setting it to "CL_PS7111"

All remote serial communication is done with the serial I/O connector

% slow_cat.tcl < [path]/gdb_module.srec > /dev/ttyS0

Power off the board, and change it to boot the GDB stubs in big-endian mode by setting the switches like this:

SW1: 00000000 (all levers down) SW2: 10001010

The GDB stubs allow communication with GDB using the serial port at connector PJ7A (lower connector). The communication parameters are fixed at 38400 baud, 8 data bits, no parity bit and 1 stop bit (8-N-1). No flow control is employed. Connection to the host computer should be made using a straight through serial cable.

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