Methods of Displaying HTML Help

  1. Using the internal help system. This will show an internal viewer similar to Microsoft HTML Help, with a contents hierarchy on the left and HTML pages on the right; see Figure 12-1. The index is regenerated for each repository. If the documentation in the repository has changed but the contents does not reflect this, please use the Tools Regenerate Help Index menu item.

  2. Using the default HTML browser. On Unix, if you do not already have an associated viewer for .html files, you can add one by using an entry in the .mailcap file in your home directory similar to this:

    text/html; firefox %s

  3. Using the specified browser.

Figure 12-1. HTML Help viewer

If you wish, you may choose to have HTML Help displayed in a browser of your choice. To do this, select View->Settings (Ctrl+T) and use the controls in the View Documentation group to select the replacement browser. Note that the Navigation facilities of the built-in HTML Help system will be unavailable if you choose this method of displaying help.

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