Environment Variables

The eCos and eCosPro host tools make use of shell environment variables to specify either locations of directory structures and files, or settings in use by the tools. These variables are:


The ECOS_REPOSITORY environment variable must point to the packages subdirectory of the eCosPro installation (e.g. /opt/ecospro/ecos-4.0.1/packages on Linux or C:\eCosPro\ecos-4.0.1\packages on Windows).

ECOS_REPOSITORY may also point to multiple eCos component repositories, in which case it contains a path to each repository's packages subdirectory seperated by the PATH seperator of the host O/S. (i.e. a colon on Linux and a semi-colon on Windows).


The INSTALL_DIR environment variable is set to the install subdirectory of a prepared eCos build tree created by the eCos Configuration Tool. It will be set within any shell created using Tools->Shell as well prior to any build or test execution by the eCos Configuration Tool.

For example, this variable is referenced by the default pipe command of the eCos Configuration Tool using the %E(INSTALL_DIR) macro to locate the default target-specific openocd script placed at install/etc/openocd.cfg (if supported) from the build of an eCos configuration.


The OPENOCD_SCRIPTS environment variable points to the shared directory location where the common scripts for openocd may be found. These scripts are referenced by the target-specific openocd configuration files and may vary if different versions of the eCosPro host tools (which includes openocd), or a different source of openocd, have been installed. Normally for a single openocd installation this will be /opt/ecospro/ecoshosttools/share/openocd/scripts on Linux or C:\eCosPro\ecoshosttools\share\openocd\scripts on Windows.


This environment variable specifies the name of the currently active profile when the shell was created. It may be used within automated build scripts as seen fit by the developer.


This system environment variable specifies the list of directories, in order, to be searched for executables that may be executed directly from the command line without specifying the full path. If the user has specified either Build Tools or Host Tools paths, these are prepended by the eCos Configuration Toolto the PATH along with the GNU Toolchain and Host Tools executables directories as specified by the eCosPro Profile whenever a build is invoked, test executed or shell opened.

The chapter Environment Variables in the eCosPro Developer's Kit - Installation and Getting Started Guide provide an example of typical use.

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