Configuration Information

An important part of creating products using eCos is determining the licenses under which the sources forming the active packages of an eCos configuration are distibuted. To assist with this process, all top-level eCos packages have one or more license attributes associated with the package. Each attribute name indicates the licenses under which the source code of the package is distributed. Some example attributes and their associated licenses are:

Table 15-1. License Attributes

license_ecospro eCosPro License
license_ecospro_eval eCosPro Evaluation License
license_ecosgpl eCos Public License
license_bsd3clause Modified BSD "2 clause" or "3 clause" Licenses
license_bsd4clause Modified BSD "4 clause" Licenses
license_zlib ZLIB License
license_eclipse Eclipse Public License - v1.0
license_opl Open Publication License
license_yaffsgpl YAFFS GPL Dual license

If a top-level package is select within the configuration tree, the properties window will include an Attributes property field that contains the attributes associated with the package.

Figure 15-7. Repository and Configuration Information dialog box

In addition to the Attributes property field, the configuration tool includes a Repository and Configuration dialog, as illustrated above. This dialog displays summary information of the user's configuration and may be opened by selecting the Help->Repository Information (Ctrl+I) menu option. An HTML copy of the summary information may also be saved to a local file for reference purposes through the Save option of the dialog box.

As illustrated, the repository, hardware template and packages template used in generating the initial configuration are displayed, as well as any packages subsequently added or removed from the initial configuration. Lastly, the license attributes allocated to each top-level package used in the configuration are presented, with the macro names of packages with that attribute appearing beneath each license attribute. If a license attribute is selected, the configuration tool will open a browser window to the corresponding license on eCosCentric's web site. If an evaluation package has been included, the developer is alerted in the summary that binaries generated by this eCos configuration will require a commercial license for the eCosPro packages listed. Note that because packages may have multiple license attributes and so the macro names may appear more than once in the licensing breakdown.

Note: The Attributes property as well as the additional repository, configuration and licensing information are only available in verions of eCosPro 4.0 and above.

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