Executables Tab

This is used to adjust the set of tests available for execution. A check box against each executable name indicates whether that executable will be included when the Run button is pressed. The Check All and Uncheck All buttons may be used to check or uncheck all items. Items may also be individually checked or unchecked.

When the property sheet is first displayed, it will be pre-populated with those test executables that have been linked using the Build/Tests operation against the current configuration.

Figure 18-2. Run tests

Highlighting items in the list and clicking the Remove button will remove those executables highlighted. Clicking the Add button will display a dialog box that allows you to add to the set of items. Equivalently the Add from folder.. button may be used to add add a number of executables in a specified folder (optionally including subfolders, if you click on Yes when asked).

Figure 18-3. Add files from folder

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