C Language Services [POSIX Section 8]

Functions Implemented

char *setlocale( int category, const char *locale ); 
int fileno( FILE *stream ); 
FILE *fdopen( int fd, const char *type ); 
int getc_unlocked( FILE *stream); 
int getchar_unlocked( void ); 
int putc_unlocked( FILE *stream ); 
int putchar_unlocked( void ); 
char *strtok_r( char *s, const char *sep, 
                char **lasts ); 
char *asctime_r( const struct tm *tm, char *buf ); 
char *ctime_r( const time_t *clock, char *buf ); 
struct tm *gmtime_r( const time_t *clock,
                     struct tm *result ); 
struct tm *localtime_r( const time_t *clock,
                        struct tm *result ); 
int rand_r( unsigned int *seed );

Functions Omitted

void flockfile( FILE *file ); 
int ftrylockfile( FILE *file ); 
void funlockfile( FILE *file ); 
int sigsetjmp( sigjmp_buf env, int savemask );			// TBA 
void siglongjmp( sigjmp_buf env, int val );			// TBA 
void tzset(void);                                                       // TBA


  • setlocale() is implemented in the C library Internationalization package.

  • Functions fileno() and fdopen() are implemented in the C library STDIO package.

  • Functions getc_unlocked(), getchar_unlocked(), putc_unlocked() and putchar_unlocked() are defined but are currently identical to their non-unlocked equivalents.

  • strtok_r(), asctime_r(), ctime_r(), gmtime_r(), localtime_r() and rand_r() are all currently in the C library, alongside their non-reentrant versions.

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