Chapter 166. OpenSSL eCos Support


The eCosPro-SecureSockets package is a port of OpenSSL to eCos. It currently comprises a port of version 1.0.1u, but eCosCentric will issue updates from time to time after new releases become avaliable.

Licensing, Copyrights and Patents

OpenSSL is distributed under a BSD-style Open Source license. The user is referred to the file LICENSE in the OpenSSL release for details, and is responsible for complying with the conditions therein.

The following text on the subject of patents is adapted from text in the README file in the OpenSSL release.

Various companies hold various patents for various algorithms in various locations around the world. YOU are responsible for ensuring that your use of any algorithms is legal by checking if there are any patents in your country. The following are some of the patents that we know about or are rumoured to exist. This is not a definitive list.

  • RSA Security holds software patents on the RC5 algorithm. If you intend to use this cipher, you must contact RSA Security for licensing conditions. Their web page is

  • RC4 is a trademark of RSA Security, so use of this label should perhaps only be used with RSA Security's permission.

  • The IDEA algorithm used to be patented by Ascom, but as of 2012, there are no longer any valid patents remaining so it may now be used patent-free.

To ensure that these patents are not accidentally violated, these algorithms are disabled by default and must be enabled explicitly by the user to be included.

Part of the conditions of using OpenSSL is that the following acknowledgment be displayed and applies not only to us, here, now, but to you as well:

This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young (

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