MIB Compiler

In the directory /snmp/agent/VERSION/utils/mib2c, there are the following files:

README-eCos             notes about running with a nonstandard 
                        perl path.
README.mib2c            the README from UCD; full instructions on
                        using mib2c   
mib2c                   the perl program
mib2c.conf              a configuration file altered to include the
mib2c.conf-ORIG         copyright and better #include paths; and
                        the ORIGinal.   
mib2c.storage.conf      other config files, not modified.   

mib2c is provided BUT it requires the SNMP perl package SNMP-3.1.0, and that in turn requires perl nsPerl5.005_03 (part of Red Hat Linux from 6.0, April 1999).

These are available from the CPAN (“the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network”) as usual; http://www.cpan.org/ and links from there. Specifically:

(note that the .tar.gz files are not browsable)

For documentation on the files produced, see the documentation available at http://ucd-snmp.ucdavis.edu/ in general, and file AGENT.txt in particular.

It is likely that the output of mib2c will be further customized depending on eCos customer needs; it’s easy to do this by editing the mib2c.conf file to add or remove whatever you need with the resulting C sources.

The UCD autoconf-style configuration does not apply to eCos. So if you add a completely new MIB to the agent, and support it using mib2c so that the my_new_mib.c file contains a init_my_new_mib() routine to register the MIB handler, you will also need to edit a couple of control files; these claim to be auto-generated, but in the eCos release, they’re not, don’t worry.


contains a number of lines like

#include “mibgroup/mibII/interfaces.h”

so add your new MIB thus:

#include “mibgroup/mibII/my_new_mib.h”

contains a number of lines like


and so on; add your new MIB as follows:


and this should work correctly.

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