Building the Network Tests

To build further network tests, ensure that the configuration option CYGPKG_NET_BUILD_TESTS is set in your build and then make the tests in the usual way. Alternatively (with that option set) use

make -C net/common/VERSION/ tests 
after building the eCos library, if you wish to build only the network tests.

This should give test executables in install/tests/net/common/VERSION/tests including the following:

socket_test - trivial test of socket creation API 
mbuf_test - trivial test of mbuf allocation API 
ftp_test - simple FTP test, connects to “server” 
ping_test - pings “server” and non-existent host to test timeout 
dhcp_test - ping test, but also relinquishes and
            reacquires DHCP leases periodically 
flood - a flood ping test; use with care 
tcp_echo - data forwarding program for performance test
nc_test_master - network characterization master
nc_test_slave - network characterization slave
server_test - a very simple server example
tftp_client_test - performs a tftp get and put from/to “server” 
tftp_server_test - runs a tftp server for a short while 
set_mac_address - set MAC address(es) of interfaces in NVRAM
bridge - contributed network bridge code
nc6_test_master - IPv4/IPv6 network characterization master
nc6_test_slave - IPv4/IPv6 network characterization slave
ga_server_test - a very simple IPv4/IPv6 server example
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