Chapter 55. Samsung K9 family NAND chips


The CYGPKG_DEVS_NAND_SAMSUNG_K9 driver package currently provides support for the Samsung K9F1G08, K9F2G08 and K9F1208 series of NAND flash chips, and is intended to be expanded to provide support for more of the K9 family.

Most users will not need to interact with this package; it should be included as a hardware dependency on all appropriate targets. This package provides only an inline code fragment which is intended to be instantiated by the target platform HAL and provided with appropriate board-specific low-level functions allowing it to access the hardware.

Note: The large-page parts in this family are not quite ONFI-compliant, but this code could probably be extended to a much wider set of chips - or indeed to the ONFI specification - without too much trouble. Appropriate definitions will be required for the chip identifier, decoding of the Read ID response, and the chip's blockcount-bits and device-size fields.

Note: At the present time, this driver has the limitation that it only supports 8-bit parts. This is an area of probable future expansion.

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