Chapter 43. Testing

The MMFS package contains a number of test programs:


This program just tests the standard FILEIO interface of the filesystem. It is a simplified version of the filesystem functionality tests used by FATFS and RAMFS.


This program is a simple test of the streaming support. It writes and reads streams at defined data rates and checks that the rate is maintained and that data integrity is preserved.


A basic emulation of a Personal Video Recorder. Two streams are written and one of them read back, after a delay. This simulates a PVR recording one channel while using a pause-live feature on a second channel.


This program records a large number of short streams on the disk. This checks directory handling.


This is a variant on pvr1, which records 3 streams while replaying one.


A simple test that uses the "mmfs.format" filesystem instead of "mmfs", thus reformatting the disk.


This contains versions of the write_stream() and read_stream() example functions described earlier, together with sufficient infrastructure to allow them to be run.

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