Chapter 176. Support API

Table of Contents
Support API

Some support functions are provided by the mDNS code for use by client applications. These functions do not by themselves affect the mDNS state and are thread-safe. Some functions are only present when CYGIMP_NET_MDNS_DNSSD support is configured.

Support API

Table of Contents
cyg_mdns_strlen -- Calculate uncompressed length of (possibly compressed) string
cyg_mdns_name_uncompress -- Uncompress encoded string
cyg_mdns_strlen_vector -- Calculate uncompressed length of string vector
cyg_mdns_strlen_uncompressed -- Length of uncompressed encoded string
cyg_mdns_name -- Convert encoded name into dot-notation
cyg_mdns_build_txt_vector -- Build vector of pointers to individual TXT Record fields
cyg_mdns_build_strtab_vector -- Build vector of pointers to individual encoded string fields
cyg_mdns_strcasecmp_strtab -- Compare two encoded string-tables ignoring case
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