lwIP sources and ports

lwIP is portable and by no means specific to eCos. It has an active development community and undergoes continuous development of its core code, focussed around its project page on the Savannah development site run by the Free Software Foundation.

In order to provide a robust, feature-rich, and commercially supportable solution for eCosPro, the eCos support has been overhauled by eCosCentric® to work with the latest lwIP releases.

This documentation corresponds solely to the eCosPro port of lwIP, and the usage, configuration system and operation differs in many regards from that in other code bases.


As detailed in the Section called Port status in Chapter 151 the current eCosPro lwIP is using a much newer lwIP source base with substantial changes from previous eCosPro lwIP offerings. As such some CDL compatibility issues will arise if attempts are made to use old .ecc configuration files.

Either a fresh configuration can be created, and options re-selected as desired, or prior to switching to the newer source world, whilst still configured to use the older ECOS_REPOSITORY the eCos configtool can be used to export (File->Export) the configuration to a .ecm (minimal configuration) file. Then after switching to the new ECOS_REPOSITORY source tree the eCos configtool can be used to import (File->Import) the created .ecm file.

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