API reference

Table of Contents
netbuf_new() -- Allocate a netbuf structure
netbuf_delete() -- Deallocate a netbuf structure
netbuf_alloc() -- Allocate space in a netbuf
netbuf_free() -- Deallocate buffer memory associated with a netbuf
netbuf_ref() -- Associate a data pointer with a netbuf
netbuf_len() -- Obtain the total length of a netbuf
netbuf_data() -- Obtain a pointer to netbuf data
netbuf_next() -- Traverse internal fragments in a netbuf
netbuf_first() -- Reset fragment pointer to start of netbuf
netbuf_copy() -- Copy all netbuf data to memory pointer
netbuf_copy_partial() -- Copy some netbuf data to memory pointer
netbuf_chain() -- Chain two netbufs together
netbuf_fromaddr() -- Obtain the sender's IPv4 address for a netbuf
netbuf_fromaddr_ip6() -- Obtain the sender's IPv6 address for a netbuf
netbuf_fromport() -- Obtain the sender's port number for a netbuf
netconn_new() -- Create a new connection structure
netconn_new_with_callback() -- Create a new connection structure with a callback
netconn_new_with_proto_and_callback() -- Create a new connection structure with a callback for a specific protocol
netconn_delete() -- Deallocate a netconn
netconn_type() -- Obtain the type of netconn
netconn_peer() -- Obtain the remote host IP address/port of a netconn
netconn_addr() -- Obtain the local host IPv4 address/port of a netconn
netconn_bind() -- Set local IP address/port of a netconn
netconn_bind_ip6() -- Set local IPv6 address/port of a netconn
netconn_connect() -- Connect netconn to remote peer
netconn_connect_ip6() -- Connect netconn to remote peer
netconn_disconnect() -- Disconnect UDP connection
netconn_listen() -- Make a listening TCP netconn
netconn_accept() -- Wait for incoming connections
netconn_recv() -- Wait for data
netconn_recv_tcp_pbuf() -- Wait for data
netconn_recved() -- Update receive window
netconn_write() -- Send data on TCP connection
netconn_send() -- Send data on UDP connection
netconn_close() -- Close a connection
netconn_shutdown() -- Shutdown a connection
netconn_set_noautorecved() -- Set the connection no-auto-recved state
netconn_get_noautorecved() -- Get the connection no-auto-recved state
netconn_err() -- Obtain connection error status
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