The configuration option CYGPKG_IO_CCB_TESTS defines a set of tests that are built.

By default the package will only build the deterministic, automatic, tests. However, the option CYGPKG_IO_CCB_TESTS_MANUAL can be defined to build extra tests that may require manual user-intervention, or are more realistic real-world example applications.


The ccb_ut test application performs some unit-testing of the CCB implementation. The test assumes specific features of the tests/ccb_master.c example client-application to perform a variety of fixed tests.

The ccb_ut implements a software driver which can be used to simulate a bus, without the requirement for the configuration to have access to a physical RS-485 bus. This is used to test core MASTER CCB client-application functionality.

Note: It is recommended that before executing this test that you disconnect any physical hardware.

Currently not all aspects of the CCB protocol are exercised by the test.


The ccb_master is a simple example client-application that could form the basis of an actual customer implementation. The test does not automatically exit (and hence is unsuitable for the eCosCentric automated test farm).

The application currently just waits for a slave to connect, and then issues a fixed set of queries to the slave.

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