Directory Listing

If the user issues a "GET" request with a URL terminating in a slash, the server will try to locate one of the following index files in the directory, choosing one in the following order:

  • index.html

  • index.htm

  • default.html

  • home.html

If any of these files is found, its contents are sent back to the client. If no such file is found the server uses the user-provided index file name (if any is specified with the CYGDAT_NET_ATHTTPD_ALTERNATE_HOME setting. Failing all this a directory listing is sent.

Trailing slash redirection for directory names is supported.

In order to reduce the footprint of the server, directory listing can be disabled by unchecking CYGOPT_NET_ATHTTPD_USE_DIRLIST. The savings are substantial since directory listing also makes use of a few internal resources (gif files) which are also compiled out.

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