Upgrading Eclipse

eCosCentric Eclipse upgrades currently do not replace the older version of Eclipse but install an additional version that are run alongside previous installations. To install the newer version of Eclipse you must run the appropriate installer for your operating system and ensure you have to hand the licensee file provided to you with your initial download instructions or when you purchased eCosPro. This installer may be run either individually or automatically as part of a new eCosPro installation.

When a new version of Eclipse is installed, the older version of Eclipse will remain and pre-existing Desktop menus and shortcuts created by old installations of eCosPro will be untouched and still refer to the older versions of Eclipse. Only new installations of eCosPro will create new Desktop menus and shortcuts to the new version of Eclipse.

Older version of Eclipse may be uninstalled as documented in Chapter 9.

Note: You currently should not use the Eclipse update mechanism under the Help -> Check for Updates menu item to upgrade the eCosPro Eclipse installation as this may have unexpected results.

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