No eCosPro menu group

Occasionally the eCosPro Menu Group, examples of which are illustrated in Figure 5-1 and Figure 5-2, will not display immediately after installation on Linux Hosts. Normally logging out and back in or restarting the X session resolves this issue. In some instances, a refresh of the menu cache may also be necessary. For example:

Figure 11-4. Ubuntu Gnome Menu Cache Refresh

test@ubuntu:~ > sh -c "/usr/share/gnome-menus/update-gnome-menus-cache \
/usr/share/applications/ > /usr/share/applications/desktop.${LANG}.cache && \
killall gnome-panel"

The eCosPro installer uses InstallJammer which in turn uses XdgUtils to make every effort to install the menu group and associated menu items. Unfortunately, some Linux distributions do not follow open standards, creating their own unique way of providing menus. Regrettably in such instances the eCosPro Menu group and items will not be automatically created. The user must either create the menu items themselves, referring to the documentation specific to their Linux distribution, or they may simply ignore the lack of menus and start the eCosPro tools by hand, referring to the eCosPro User Manual and eCosPro Eclipse manuals.

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