Installation without profiles

Advanced eCosPro users may wish to install eCosPro or its components without updating the profiles or adding the eCosPro sub-menu items to the host system. However, users must then set their PATH environment variable to include the bin directory of the GNU Toolchain at its installed location (e.g. /opt/ecospro/gnutools-arm-eabi-4.4.5c/bin or C:\eCosPro\gnutools-arm-eabi-4.4.5c\bin) as well as the bin directory of the eCos host tools at their installed location (e.g. /opt/ecospro/ecoshosttools/bin or C:\eCosPro\ecoshosttools\bin). They must also set the ECOS_REPOSITORY environment variable to point to the packages subdirectory of the eCosPro installation (e.g. /opt/ecospro/ecos-3.1.29/packages or C:\eCosPro\ecos-3.1.29\packages). For further information please see Chapter 6.

When an eCosPro installer is run with the -noprofile option, the installer will startup as normal, but will terminate immediately after installing the files which constitute the eCosPro component. The net result is equivalent to unzipping or untarring an archive at the specified install location, with the exception that on Windows the component is registered as an installed program and can be removed in the normal fashion.

Note: The -noprofile option is not available in eCosPro releases prior to eCosPro 3.1.18 and can only be passed to the individual installers (i.e. not setup.exe or

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