Select licensee file

The screen shown in Figure 4-3 requires you to select the licensee file corresponding to the installer. This is necessary in order to unlock the encrypted contents of the installer. The licensee file contains information regarding your company, the site(s) for which you have been licensed, as well as the list of products you have licensed from eCosCentric and is typically provided with a .lcn extension.

The installation process will not proceed until you have entered a valid eCosPro licensee file. If the installer does not recognise the file, please contact eCosCentric. Issues encountered during the install process are not counted against your support allocation.

Figure 4-3. Select licensee file

As soon as a valid licensee file has been provided, you will be able to progress to the next stage.


If you purchase multiple eCosPro products over a period of time, a corresponding updated licensee file must be downloaded from the eCosPro Developer's Kit Portal along with the additional products or updates. You must always provide the installer with the corresponding licensee file downloaded, or the license file issued to you at the time of your purchase. If an old or inappropriate licensee file is provided, the installer will not warn you about the error until the contents of the installer are due to be decrypted and installed on your hard drive. Should this happen, the installer will display a pop-up indicating the error and terminate.

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