Review Licensee Information

As described in the Section called Select licensee file, the license file contains information regarding your company and the site(s) for which your company has been licensed to use the eCosPro Developer's Kit. Figure 4-4 lists the constraints under which the license has been purchased or granted. If you satisfy the constraints, select the option marked I satisfy the licensee conditions. This will enable the Next button, allowing the installation process to continue.

Figure 4-4. Review Licensee Information Screen

If you have downloaded multiple licensee files over time and the information displayed does not match either the release, your company or your site, you may press the Change Licensee File button to select an alternative licensee file.

If you do not satisfy the constraints, leave the I do not satisfy the licensee conditions option selected, click on the Cancel button followed by the YES button of the following pop-up window in order to cancel the installation, and contact eCosCentric.

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