Installation Complete

Upon the successful installation of the eCosPro Developer's Kit, you will reach the screen illustrated in Figure 4-14. Select Finish to complete the installation. If there are any documented notes or issues specific to this release, they will displayed in a release "readme" at this time. See Figure 4-15. These release-specific notes are also included as part of the eCosPro installation and made accessible through a link in the installed menu group (see Chapter 5 for examples) so they may be accessed at a later stage after installation.

Important: The documentation index includes links to the documentation of the target platforms for which the eCosPro release was made. This documentation will describe how to set up your embedded hardware for eCosPro development and, if applicable, how to install RedBoot, GDB Stubs and how to debug your application using JTAG. Please ensure you read through this target platform documentation thoroughly.

Figure 4-14. Installation Complete Screen

Figure 4-15. Readme Screen

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