Installation on Windows

The eCosPro Developer's Kit for Windows comprises of a number of separate components. Although each component can be installed and upgraded separately, the normal approach for initial installation is to download the ZIP archive and run the setup.exe Install Launcher to install the complete set of components. Installation can only be achieved from a user account that has administrator privileges.

The steps necessary to install an eCosPro Developer's Kit on Windows are:

  • Download all the components of the eCosPro Developer's Kit that are not already installed on your system and place them into a common temporary directory on a local hard drive. Do not download them onto a network drive. If you downloaded the ZIP archive, extract the complete contents of the archive into the temporary directory on the local hard drive.

  • Place the licensee file you downloaded from the support portal, or were emailed, in a directory that may be accessed by the installers.

  • Execute the accompanying setup.exe program if you downloaded the compressed ZIP archive, or the primary installer associated with the eCosPro Developer's Kit. For example, the primary installer for eCosPro 3.1.2 for the zoom-l138 platform is ecospro-3.1.2-zoom-l138-Windows-setup.exe. If there is more than one primary installer, setup.exe will prompt you for the eCosPro release you would like to install. The remaining installers will automatically be invoked by the primary installer as required.

    If you are installing on Windows 7, you may get a warning or pop-up such as the one illustrated in Figure 3-3. In this event, select YES to allow the installer to execute. This pop-up may occur on multiple occassions during the installation process as each component installer is executed in turn. You may also get similar warnings from Anti-Virus applications such as Norton Internet Security or Kaspersky Internet Security (see Figure 3-4) warning you of Root Shell or keylogger activity, and prompting you whether you would like to continue. In all cases, please allow the installer to continue. These warnings are due to the installer not being recognised by the anti-virus program, or Windows 7 User Account Control being set to require a high security approval level.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions of the installer. An example walk-through is illustrated in Chapter 4.

Figure 3-3. Windows 7 Unknown Publisher

Figure 3-4. Example Kaspersky Internet Security Warning

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