Chapter 4. Installation Walk-through

The eCosPro Developer's Kit installation process is essentially the same for both Linux and Windows. The screens displayed in this chapter, Chapter 4, are primarily those encountered during a typical installation on Ubuntu. The screens on other Linux distributions, as well as Windows, will be very similar.


If you are not already running as either an administrator (or root on Linux), the installer will prompt for the administrator or root password. If sudo is not installed on Linux, or if you are not logged in as a user with Administrator privileges on Windows, a warning pop-up message will appear and the installer will exit.

If the eCosPro Developer's Kit is already installed on the host, you will receive a warning pop-up and be asked if you wish to re-install, overwriting any previous installation. For further details of reinstalling components, please read Chapter 8.

Figure 4-1 and Figure 4-2 illustrate the first window, the introduction window, of the eCosPro GUI install process.

Figure 4-1. eCosPro Linux Installer Introduction Screen

Figure 4-2. eCosPro Windows Install Introduction Screen

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