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5.2 Miscellaneous Types

b type-information ; bytes
Pascal space type. This is documented by IBM; what does it mean?

This use of the b type descriptor can be distinguished from its use for builtin integral types (see Builtin Type Descriptors) because the character following the type descriptor is always a digit, (, or -.

B type-information
A volatile-qualified version of type-information. This is a Sun extension. References and stores to a variable with a volatile-qualified type must not be optimized or cached; they must occur as the user specifies them.
d type-information
File of type type-information. As far as I know this is only used by Pascal.
k type-information
A const-qualified version of type-information. This is a Sun extension. A variable with a const-qualified type cannot be modified.
M type-information ; length
Multiple instance type. The type seems to composed of length repetitions of type-information, for example character*3 is represented by M-2;3, where -2 is a reference to a character type (see Negative Type Numbers). I'm not sure how this differs from an array. This appears to be a Fortran feature. length is a bound, like those in range types; see Subranges.
S type-information
Pascal set type. type-information must be a small type such as an enumeration or a subrange, and the type is a bitmask whose length is specified by the number of elements in type-information.

In CHILL, if it is a bitstring instead of a set, also use the S type attribute (see String Field).

* type-information
Pointer to type-information.