3.10.1 Constants

All constants are integers.

As in C, the linker considers an integer beginning with 0 to be octal, and an integer beginning with 0x or 0X to be hexadecimal. Alternatively the linker accepts suffixes of h or H for hexadeciaml, o or O for octal, b or B for binary and d or D for decimal. Any integer value without a prefix or a suffix is considered to be decimal.

In addition, you can use the suffixes K and M to scale a constant by 1024 or 1024*1024 respectively. For example, the following all refer to the same quantity:

     _fourk_1 = 4K;
     _fourk_2 = 4096;
     _fourk_3 = 0x1000;
     _fourk_4 = 10000o;

Note - the K and M suffixes cannot be used in conjunction with the base suffixes mentioned above.