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4.3 Miscellaneous Options

The -d num option specifies debugging options. If num is not specified, enable all debugging. See Debugging gprof.
The -h option prints command line usage.
Selects the format of the profile data files. Recognized formats are auto (the default), bsd, 4.4bsd, magic, and prof (not yet supported).
The -s option causes gprof to summarize the information in the profile data files it read in, and write out a profile data file called gmon.sum, which contains all the information from the profile data files that gprof read in. The file gmon.sum may be one of the specified input files; the effect of this is to merge the data in the other input files into gmon.sum.

Eventually you can run gprof again without -s to analyze the cumulative data in the file gmon.sum.

The -v flag causes gprof to print the current version number, and then exit.